What Happens During Wine Tasting Tours?

Wine tasting tours are a popular event for many groups of people.
Even if you're not into wine, you'll still have a good time. We promise!
Here's what to expect when we arrive at a winery.

First, we will head inside to visit the bar and check out the wine selection. Typically, you can choose a flight with 3-5 samples, or have a full glass of wine if you already know what you like. After everyone has made their selections, we'll sit down and enjoy ourselves, the scenery, and of course, the wine!


The people who work at the vineyards are extremely passionate about their work so feel free to chat with them and learn more about their grape growing season, the winemaking process, and the different styles they produce!

Please join us for wine tasting tours throughout North Georgia. You'll have a lot of fun and experience something new with those you love!